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So, in the off chance that someone who doesn't know me in real life reads this blog, I figured I could post a little more about us.

I figured I'll start from the beginning. I was born with transposition of the great arteries. My heart was backwards. In a normal heart : the right ventricle pumps the blood heart to lungs. The left ventricle pumps the blood from heart to body. In me, the right ventricle (the weaker ventricle) pumps the blood to the body. The left ventricle (the stronger ventricle) pumps the blood to the lungs. In normal hearts, blood flows in a figure 8 - heart to lungs to heart to body. In my heart, it went heart to body to heart to body and heart to lungs to heart to lungs, in 2 separate circles. 

When I was 2, they performed a Mustard procedure. Basically, they created little traffic tunnels in my heart, directing the flow. So now, in my heart the right ventricle still pumps to the body and the left ventricle still pumps to the lungs, but the figure 8 is now complete. :)

There were very few hiccups with the repair. I lived a healthy life. 

I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I lived there until I went to college for a little while. My family and my siblings still live there. One of my brothers and my married sister live in Texas but soon Arkansas. I have a sister out in Idaho. But my family's home is in Wisconsin, and I think it always will be. In high school, I was in wood shop. I helped start up an archery club. I was in drafting class. I love drafting, and designing and using AutoCAD. I went to college in Idaho for a bit, then I moved to Utah where I met my husband in a single's ward thru my Church

We went on a night hike, I'm a slow hiker (read: heart defect), he stuck with me, gave me his Gatorade, and when we played Murder in the dark (which I still don't understand how to play!) he held my hand with criss-crossing fingers (so I held the person next to me's hand like that!) and everyone else was holding hands cupped. Later that week, as I was driving home from church he just jumped in my truck, asking for a ride home. We exchanged numbers and we were dating within the month. 

Our 1st kiss was at a friend's wedding reception in July, we got engaged in February, and married in June! Yeah, it was quick. And trust me, it's not like we were wedding planning the whole time. He proposed at the very end of February. I made him a Valentine's Day dinner (stuffed ribs!) and I slipped up and said "See what a good housewife I make?!" Yup he freaked out, got that deer-in-the-headlights look, froze up and kinda turned away....

The first time I said "I love you" to him, we were at the pond and I whispered "I love you" to him. And then, cuz I wasn't sure he heard me, I said out loud, "I love you Shark!" Yeah. Pretty bold. He froze up. But I just put my head on his shoulder. He knew how I felt. And even tho I wasn't sure how he felt, I knew he at least liked me a lot. Well, we ended up getting married about 8 months after that. So I guess he loves me. :D We say I love you all the time. It's kinda like our filler, like when we're bored, we say I love you. It doesn't make it mean less, if anything it makes it mean more. Like, oh you can't think of anything else but how much you love me? Okay! 

Shark has lived in Utah his whole life. His family lives here. He was raised hunting, fishing, climbing mountains, and boating. He's an outdoorsman to the core. Most of our dates were outside. Either watching a movie in the back of truck or canoeing. I love him for that. He's freaking awesome. He's an amazing husband and father. He loves me, and he shows me all the time. I can tell how much I mean to him.

We lived in Colorado for a while, we bought our Bandit. He ate everything is sight! We moved back to Utah when I lost my job. We bought a house and decided to start a family. 

During the pregnancy, like right at the end of my 1st trimester, I went into tachycardia (very fast heart rate!) and I went to the hospital. It was a Sunday and we had NO idea what was going on. The doctors up here kinda didn't know what to do with a medical history like mine. They weren't sure what they could give me or not. Thankfully I had an appointment with my cardiologist on Tuesday. 

My cardiologist started me on a heart rate regulator, they admitted me that Tuesday so I could be observed while on it, for a while. Well, the symptoms hadn't really changed, the medicine hadn't done what they wanted. So on Saturday, they cardioverted me. In fact, they did what is called a synchronized electrical cardioversion. They placed 1 very very sticky electrical patch on my chest, and another 1 on my back. Then they doped me up and shocked me. Apparently it worked. They, however, waited until the drugs wore off to take the horribly sticky electric pads off! Yowza!

Although I did need another cardiversion at the end of the 2nd trimester. This one was just in and out. No bed time in the hospital. 

Danger was born with a perfect sounding, amazing 4 chamber heart! I saw it on echos, it was beautiful. Once I saw the echo of his heart, I knew it was perfect! They said they needed to run some tests and view the echo, but I knew. 

Shark is an amazing father. Danger lights up so much when he sees his dad. Not just his eyes, his whole person!! He giggles and laughs uncontrollably. His daddy throws him up in the air and he just smiles and laughs. I can tell Shark LOVES being a dad. He smiles just as much as Danger does! It is such a wonderful feeling to know he loves being a dad!

And now we have a rowdy rambunctious wild one year old!! Both Danger and Bandit eat everything! Wait! All my boys eat everything in sight!! Thank goodness I'm starting to like cooking. :)

I love my boys. They are my whole world. I am the luckiest girl in the world. They are amazing and I know how much they love me.  

Well - that's about us, well me I guess. Danger isn't really old enough to have a history.... Bandit, well, he's the Bandit. Shark is my awesome fun-loving husband! 

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