Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Danger catch up

So I've noticed there are pictures missing my the posts, like some way freaking cute ones of Danger! And of some of then recent crafts. Yayay. So, time to catch up!
 This picture reminds me of a picture of my older brother when he was little.
 So Shark got a new hat, and kept putting it on Danger.
 Danger plays with everything and pushes his stroller around.

 We went to the Brigham City Temple open house and here's a family pic!

  Look at that smile! Yup, big grin!

 When I scorekeep, he has free reign of the room and he climbs on EVERYTHING!

 Dad making him laugh while he's playing in his high chair

 I caught him under the table, he looked so cute I HAD to get pictures.

 AND he got his top teeth!

 Just yelling.

  Playing with everything. Momma made those cute leggings from a pair of socks. Awesome huh?

 Look how awesome and cute those leggings are! And so easy!

 Look at those baby blues

How cute! So there's what's new with Little Man. He's so darn cute. He's been trying to walk, he'll stand up and stomp he's feet, so he's getting close!

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