Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Little voice

Danger has become a little parrot. He has started repeating things from shows. Dora keeps asking him to say BACKPACK. I think it's cute when he answers their questions, and "helps" them in their adventures. Dora, Diego, Word World, Super Why. He loves these shows, and he has started answering them just recently, and he usually answers correctly. I love it. 

However, Shark and I were watching Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters last night, it had adventure, and swords, and it wasn't a bad movie for Danger to watch, he actually sat thru most of it. But one thing you notice, as your kids start to taklk, is how much name calling there is in shows and movies. Percy was fighting a metal bull, and called "Hey, rust bucket!" to get it's attention. Danger walked around the rest of the night calling Bandit a "rust bucket." Yes, it's cute. But at the same time, it makes me think about everything we do with Danger. 

A lot of recent movies has a lot of name calling. In Cars, a truck calls Lighning a moron, Lightning hollers in frustration that he's in "hillbilly hell." That's the movie we're glued to lately. I know, Danger will learn worse words from others and in school and stuff, but it just reminds me how much he sees and he much he repeats. While on our Train Day, Shark had his rock candy in his mouth, not holding it with his hand, and Danger looked up and immediately put his in his mouth and let go with his hand. He sees everything Shark and I do, and he acts on it quite a bit. Anytime Shark is in the garage, Danger goes and grabs his own set of tools and runs to help. Anytime I'm sewing, he runs up to watch what I'm doing, to watch tp the moving parts. 

He's like a little sponge. He soaks EVERYTHING up. I can only hope to give him plenty of good things to soak up. To make sure he's not filling that smart little brain with junk. All I can do is try my best. This little boy is so full of life and curiosity. He loves trying to figure everything out. We have to watch him extra careful when he's into something new. When he's got his tongue sticking out, that means he's got the gears turning. We discovered Shark has to be even MORE careful about where he leaves his pocket knives, Danger knows how and it strong enough to open them. Neither of us expected him to be strong enough to open them. Shark keeps them up, but Danger is getting so tall, he can now reach UP, where things were usually out of reach. No longer out of reach. 

I'm getting very excited to add another little voice to my little family. Another little curious mind. Another little smiley face. Another little mancub. Maybe this one will even be snuggly. I've got 18 days to go! 

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