Monday, August 20, 2012

9 months and tips

So, as soon as I hit publish last time, I remembered a few things!!!

- stink-proof diaper bags. I get mine at the Dollar Store! They are the least expensive things and they are wonderful!! I posted about an easy way to stash them in your bag. They are 75 bags for $1 and they are awesome. and they are 1 big-diaper size, but not 3 big-diaper size (I got some at a baby shower and there came with a cute little case that keeps popping open, but they were HUGE, I'm talking way HUGE. Pretty sure I could have carried Danger around in them when he was born!) Freaking awesome, I always have at least 3 boxes in my house! They make awesome baby shower gifts!

-FRIENDS!! Do NOT lose contact with your friends. If you move, email them, call them, text them, facebook them!! If you have a baby, make special time to hang with them, even if you just go over there (or they come over to your house! or you meet at McDonald's playland and let the kid run!) and talk to her while she cleans. Or help her clean. Or just talk and pin things on Pinterest. Go hang and craft things or get your toes done. Do not let your friends go because you need them!!! They will help you more than you can ever know. And you will help them even more than you can imagine! Even if it's just going over there to talk to her while she cleans her house.

-Sleep when baby sleeps!! I know it's what EVERY woman tells you when you have a baby, but seriously, it's true. When they're little yes, follow this completely, everything else can wait - dishes, laundry, even cooking.... it all can wait! Now when they get older and take naps regularly (and hopefully on a schedule!) during their naptimes is when you do dishes and laundry and clean up after the little monster. But as soon as that baby's head hits the crip for BEDtime, you better be following suit. Yeah I stay up and watch a tv show, but I try really hard to not stay up too long. Sometimes I lose track of time and end up looking at a clock around 1am. Yeah.... the next day is always a booty-dragger. Trust me, go to bed at the same time!

Now onto the cute stuff!!

Danger is 9 months old! Holy crap! He's crawling on all 4s and crawling upstairs, and I've been teaching him to go down the right way. Last night we had spaghetti and I blended it up and he LOVED IT! He's such a little ham, and loves smiling for the camera. He's sooooo darn cute. But he's a little monster. Now that he can crawl, he's perfected it and man oh man, does he crawl FAST! He stomps his little hands down, and if he's got a spoon in his hand (and he usually does) he sounds like a running pirate, like a little peg-legged running at some treasure! He gets huffing and puffing, and kinda giggles when he starts running!

Yup... My cute little ham! Look at those wings!

Yup that's my little cute guy!! Soooo cute! I love this guy!

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