Thursday, August 16, 2012

Survival Guide

Alright, so I've seen a few people have written "Survival Guides" for being married, having babies, moving, nursery callings.... You know... So I have decided to write my survival guide to my monster. This is how I have survived. (You're ways of survival might, and probably are, different. I understand not all methods work for all people, I'm not saying THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE, I'm saying, this is how I'm doing it. This is what works for me.)

This post is going to be revealing, there is probably going to be some things said about myself that you didn't know and probably never ever wanted to know. Be warned.

1. Always get dressed. I've never been in favor of getting "dropped in on" while I'm in my PJ's. I always get dressed in the morning, It makes me ready for my day, makes me do my hair (sorta), it makes me put deodorant on, it makes me brush my teeth. I always put my contacts in, I can't wear my glasses for very long without getting a bad headache.

My reason for getting dressed is so that I'm ready for everywehre my day takes me. So that I'm ready for random errands. But my main reason for getting dressed is : I feel better about myself when I get dressed. I feel like I've already accomplished something. And that is a GREAT feeling to start the day with. :)

2. Have a hobby If there's something you love to do, don't drop it because you have a life change. You have to find time to keep up your hobby. I crochet and do all manner of crafts. After baby has gone to bed, I watch tv and crochet. Sometimes I blog. But I always try to find time to do something I love.

3. Have some YOU time. Whether it's a bubble bath, getting your hair done, nails done, reading a book, taking a drive, or even going shopping : make sure you make some time for YOU. Remember you have to have some alone time. You need some time for your mind to reconstruct itself.

4. Have goals. I always try to make a To Do list each day. Now, with my jobs I try really hard to keep my list small. Only a few things. Keep the list obtainable and normal tasks. Like laundry (yes, laundry is a goal, and it is obtainable!), cooking dinner, giving baby a bath, cleaning the living room, wash the dog, start a project, finish a project, make a grocery list.

Trust me, I've tried goal lists in the past, look to the left sidebar if you want proof, and let's face it, some of my goals were unobtainable. Remember to push yourself and reach for the stars, but make sure you can see the stars you're reaching for!

5. Don't just sit there. While baby is playing in the living room, throwing toys around, and Sesame Street is playing for the 3rd time, you can't just sit on the couch and veg. You can't just be a couch potato, that ust leads down the road to depression.... My mind is always working, the gears are always turning, my hands are always doing something. I can't just sit and watch TV, if I just sit there I chew my nails, and I hate it when I do that! It's better for me personally to always be doing something. So like I said previously, I'm always crocheting while watching TV. I fold laundry, I pick up toys, I pay bills, I plan meals, I make grocery lists, I draw up projects. If I'm not in a making/doing mood, I sit there on my phone and pin things on Pinterest, or play games on my phone.

6. Date night. Whether it's once a week or once a month, make sure you get out with your honey. If you have kids, find a babysitter, ask grandma and grandpa. Make sure you're making time for the two of you. You have to feel like newlyweds again!! You have to spend time to reconnect. There are tons of cheap date ideas, groupon, tickets to games, stargazing. cereal in the park, feeding ducks, there are all kinds of cheap things!!

7. Baby & daddy time. This also falls under YOU time, but make sure your baby and your husband hang out some times. They need bonding time, hang time. Plus, it's awful cute to see them together. Whether it means he's got the baby downstairs while you're chilling upstairs or he gives baby a bath.

(Also I understand there are stay-at-home dad's, this isn't just aimed at moms. It's for people who have had maor life changes,)

Yeah this is my survival guide. Oh, and chocolate milk. Chocolate milk gets me thru the day. I'm sure there are more things to how I survive, but these are the ones I can think of now. :)

Enjoy life!

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