Monday, October 8, 2012

Deal of the week

So last week my sister and I went shopping. She's going off to college and needs some pots and pans, kitchenware like that. We went to the DI (Utah thrift store) and founds some. I didn't browse tho, I usually do!

The reason I didn't browse was cuz we were also heading over to Savers, another thrift store that I'd heard about but never gone. It ridiculous I've never gone cuz it's seriously just down the street. Well I wanted to go cuz a friend of ours had gotten this super cute rocking horse for $4!! I wanted one, Danger wanted one!

So we went to Savers. Did not find said rocking horse BUT I did walk away with this mini bread pan! How awesome! Shark loves it because I've already made pumpkin chocolate chip cookie/breads in it and they were "so far into the realm of awesome" and I got this mini bread pan for $3!!!

Oh yeah! I'm envisioning chocolate chip cookie bars, maybe granola bars (Shark eats TONS of granola bars) and all kinds of brownies. I think I can make mini chocolate chip topped Oreo topped brownies..... Mmmhmm!

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I'd just like to point out that your sister going off to college makes me feel so old!