Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What. The. Heck.

So I had this baby last week.... JK. It's been 8 months. But I swear last week he was nearly scooting around the living room. 
And now he's climbing all over EVERYTHING. 
He's chasing his brother around and snatching up toys. 
There is no place in the living room that he hasn't discovered. No toy he hasn't licked. 
And he usually is smiling and laughing. 
His favorite place to crawl into is the shelf on the coffee table. He loves crawling in one side and out the other. There's no stopping him. 
He's discovered that he can tip over the baskets to get the toys inside. 
He's learned that everything is a toy and he loves playing. 
Now that he has discovered the stairs, there's no keeping him off them. 
When he's in the car seat he makes the funniest noises and faces. 
He appreciates any help he can get. 
And he's always looking to see who's chasing him, cuz someone usually is. And it's usually me. 

This boy sure is giving me a run for my money.  Now I chase 2 tornado boys around. We've taken drastic measures, we've got the gates up so everyone is locked in the living room. 

I sure do love my boys. But they are growing up so fast. Slow down. Please.