Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good deeds

So, this morning, Shark woke up and started getting ready. We let Bandit out of our room (well, we didn't LET him do anything, he just does it) and he went upstairs and started barking at the door. I walk upstairs, peek out the window. There's a truck in our driveway {No, not our trucks!}!!! I run downstairs (I was in my pj's!) told Shark who went upstairs and no one was there. After I decided to get up (about 2 hours later) Shark had left for school, and I checked the mailbox, thinking if someone was in our driveway, they probably dropped something off and put it in our mailbox. And there, in all it's awesomeness, was Shark's ID cards for work. I didn't even know he lost them. I called him, and he said he lost them yesterday on his way to work and that he figured they were lost forever on the freeway. He already told his boss he lost them. So, thank you stranger who scared the crap out of our dog and me, thank you for bringing back his ID cards. Thank you for knowing where we live and being awesome and bringing them to us.

Ok, here I am, on my 3rd day off this week. I'm trying hard not to be bored out of my mind. Don't get me wrong there is plenty to do around the house, part of me is lazy, the other part just doesn't really want to do anything. For the past week, I've been hurting. Like cramp hurting. Which sucks but is also good. I wish the cramps would go away and everything would just go back to normal. I find solace (and no pain) in watching Netflix and cutting things out on my Cricut. {Speaking of which, why is it cutting sooooo slow?!} I also have my plans made for Christmas. Not things made, just the plans. I will hopefully get them done by Christmas this year. Again, I will be making them. I'm pretty excited. I'm glad I'm getting the ideas early this year. I have everything ready for Easter. I even made a new wreath on Sunday.

I have everything bought for our little baskets. I tired not to go crazy, I know Shark's family gets us an Easter Basket. So I got a few things for us.

Anyways, I gotta get cracking on somethings. Getting more plans together so I can just sit down and work. :)

Love to all who wake up early even tho they don't like it. ♥

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