Monday, March 21, 2011

What a week

Ok, so for the past week or so we've been watching a friend's dog. Bandit has been so excited all week! All they do it play.

It's been absolutely crazy. If we thought Bandit was sneaky and smart, he is nothing compared to this new one. Daisy snuck out no matter how hard we tried to keep them in.

Daisy came with a kennel. And when Daisy started climbing on Bandit's bed, Bandit climbed into the kennel.

They were pretty cute.

Shark put in the garage door this week. It's been a pretty crazy week. It's been raining and windy all week. But the doggies have been cute and somewhat good.

Today I was driving around town and stopped at WinCo food, I got some bulk food, which is awesome because it's cheap and I get tons of food!!! Right around the corner from WinCo is this vinyl place. I've been meaning to stop in and check out their vinyl. I got tons of scraps.

I got all this for $20. Freaking awesome! I put my shoe in there so you could see just how awesome it is.

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