Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fondant and a week

So, I've had plans to make fondant for a while. And it's been on my mind more lately, well, ever since my niece's 1st birthday. My SIL made a cake for my niece with fondant snowflakes. So I picked out a few recipes for fondant, and picked the easiest/quickest one. If I have learned anything in my baking and making, it is this :


It never works out. And in this case, it was true. The recipe I used sucked big time. BUT! I made fondant, and for the most part, it worked the way fondant is supposed to. Mine was more pliable and flexible, droopy, and heavy than I wanted it to be. I would have liked if it held it's form better, more of a sheet of paper than a wet washcloth. It filled in every crevis and divot in my cake, and let's be honest, I'm not THE best at frosting cakes.

 And, my stove cooks things oddly. {Now I'm just making excuses} My stove leans forward, so all my cakes (and cupcakes) are lopsided, and I still haven't figured out how my oven cooks. Sometimes things need more time, and others times I burn stuff! It's awful.

So, it really has been a while since I blogged. For some reason, I just haven't been feeling like blogging. {Weird, I know} But lately, it's just been work and clean. Shark has decided to start working late again. We have discussed it, and decided it was best to work hard now, so later in life we can take it easy {please cross your fingers for us!} Also, it feels like we can't go anywhere {ok, I can't go anywhere} without spending money. So, I have been staying at home, watching TV and trying not to feel too lame and useless. Someday I rock at not feeling lame, others, eh, I don't even worry about getting dressed.

I just started taking the medicine twice a day, and I'm still not used to it yet, so my stomach still hurts and I still get dizzy and feel tired. So, yeah sitting in front of the TV and making food (I try to make dinner every night, even if it's mac'n'cheese.) is the perfect way to spend a day. Hopefully as I get used to the medicine, I'll start to feel more like myself.

Also, like usual, we're trying to get a hold of our finances. For some reason, month after month, we still cannot seem to grab our bank account by the reins. It really is frustrating to have more month at the end of the money, even after we keep setting a 'game plan.' I took out my Dave Ramsey book {AGAIN!} and have it next to my bed. I found a "One for the Money" pamphlet at my in-laws, and am going to read thru it and apply it. I keep feeling a prompting to go to Provident and work on that site to get things figured out. Shark and I have made a pact to stay within the budget.

Here's to making things work. Love to those who keep trying... ♥

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