Saturday, May 7, 2011


Ok so today is Friday. I've been in the hospital since Wednesday after my OB appointment and after my cardiologist appointment. They admitted me right after my appointment. I have an atrial flutter they're worried will result in a clot which is NOT a good thing in any situation.

They have started me on a blood thinner called Heparin, which is totally safe for baby and me. They've also got me taking a heart rate regulator called Sotalol, also safe for baby and me. My heart rate has already dropped back to a safe and normal level, all of us are happy about that.

Yesterday they did an ultrasound thru my throat. They sprayed my throat with Lidocaine {tastes how cleaners smell} and that's all I remember from that. They tell me I had to swallow the ultrasound camera and they tell me I got really really funny. I got back up to my room and was perfectly fine. I felt good the anestesia wore off right away. No clot was found so they started me on the sotalol.

So far it's been kinda boring. Which is good, we don't want anything exciting to happen while I'm here. The heart flutter is exciting enough. I've been watching tv for a few days just having the doctors watch me. Also there is nothing good on around noon. Trust me.

Sharkhas been hear with me at nights, which is an awesome thing. He has been an amazing and wonderful. I love him so much and I couldn't do this without him.

Now for some awesomeness: how about baby pictures?

Love to all who have been thinking about us.

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