Friday, May 20, 2011

no ambition

So, I have been a major slacker lately. Seriously, I haven't even gone to work. I've been resting in front of my TV for the past week.

I have thoughts every now and then to get up and do something useful or creative. But... that's all these thoughts are.... THOUGHTS.

I have no ambition. For anything. Not even crafts!!! I have a slight idea why.

I'm :

  1. On blood thinners. {Blood thinners carry less oxygen at one time to your body.}
  2. On a heart rate regulator. {Your heart beats slow.}
  3. Cooking a child. {Ok, building or whatever. But still!!}
Lately, I have just been exhausted.

I'll tell you one thing. THESE

are the bane of my existance. Twice a day.

And they make me hurt {yes it hurts, not so much the stabbing in, but once in, and the fluid ejected, it feels like it turns into 7 other needles. Rubbing doesn't help!}

And these shots make me bruise bad.

I really didn't try to poke out my belly, apparently it just does that now.

Good news : The doctor said I only have to take the shots for another 2 weeks! They said they keep patients on blood thinners after shocking their heart into a normal rhythm for 4 weeks. So YAYYAYAY! I'm not placing bets or anything, I'm just hoping really hard they don't renew that presciption!

Good news : I'm 13 1/2 weeks and haven't had major morning sickness. I haven't really been feeling pregnant at all, aside from being tired and starting to get pudgey. Oh and my back has hurt {hips really} since we found out I'm pregnant. {what's up with that?!}

Good news : I'm back to work at the Trading Post. It's been good. Slow cuz it's summer now, but good.

I figured I'd share my pictures with you. I'm sorry I've been a bump on a log lately.

Love to all who are thinking of us, we are thinking of you! ♥

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