Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Surprise!

*WARNING : This post is scary, BUT EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!*

OK, so be sure to reread the warning if you start to get concerned. Trust me, I've already had to. Here goes my story.

Sunday morning, Shark and I got up, and I started making scones (by started making, I mean I took the frozen rolls out of the freezer and put them in the oven to "fast thaw". We cooked them together, made our honey butter than watched some Scrubs.

Around noon, I took a bath, and got out around 12:30. When I stood up, my vision went all white, and I got dizzy. I went into the bedroom, and noticed my heart was beating way way fast. Like faster than I can remember it beating. I called Shark away from his game of Metroid to come and take a look.

He came down, and my heart was still going crazy. I laid down, he took my pulse, and after about 5 minutes, my heart rate went back to normal. I stood up to find some clothes for church and my heart started going crazy again. After I laid back down, Shark asked me what I wanted to do.

Now, I'm not a panic-er, but I really felt like we needed to go into the hospital. Shark agreed, and he got everything ready for us to go. He even carried me up the stairs. We got in the truck and headed to the hospital that's 2 blocks away.

We went to the ER {it was Sunday} and sat down and talked to a nurse. My heart rate was about 80 when I was talking to her, and then just as she was going to take the 'finger pulse thing' off, it jumped up to about 160. They put me in a wheel chair and took me in.

*WARNING : This post is scary, BUT EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!*

They put an IV in each arm, so I could get tons of fluids all at once. Then they came in and did and EKG/ECG to get my heart rate and a print of it. It was normal. Then I got up to go to the bathroom, when I came back, my heart rate was up again, they asked for another EKG/ECG and they took 2, the first was about 150, the 2nd was 211 beats per minute. {211 is NOT normal!!}

They had me lay there for a long time, then they had me go down and get an Xray. I came back, and my heart rate was up yet again. They sent me to get some mini-CT scan, each time I stood up, my heart rate went way up. Like I was running a marathon each time I stood up.

They called in an "electrical cardiologist specialist" who deals with heart rhythms. He checked out my chart and my EKG's. When he came in to talk to us, he said:

**Rapid heart rate is normal when dealing with Transposition of the Great Arteries patients who are pregnant. {That's me!!} He said if the bout of rapid heart rate lasts longer than 5 minutes, that is not normal and to get in and see someone. The rapid heart rate is NOT life threatening to me or the baby. And they would like to put me on something, but feel like the 1st trimester is NOT the time to do so. I will be fine until Wednesday when I see my cardiologist and OB's down in SLC.**

Then they discharged me, we went home, and Shark's family was there, cleaning up our house.

Even today there is still the rapid heart rate, but it is NOWHERE near what it was yesterday. Everything is fine, I'm watching TV and playing Nintendo, drinking tons of water and eating pizza {of course}. Things are good, but feeling like I've run a marathon totally exhausted me. So I've been relaxing all day. Everything is fine.

Shark started his summer semester today. He went to this class this moring, came home and took a nap {a day of worry is exhausting too!!} and now he's at work. There will be some relaxing days to come this week, where we will just be napping.

Everything is fine. And I'm not just saying this to hide anything, everything really is fine. I'm just exhausted. Nap time again!

Love to all who are thinking of us and who we are thinking of. ♥

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