Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swing of Things

Alright, so last Saturday was my official last day of work. Once I get that "vacation" feeling gone, which I assume will happen next week, I'll up and at 'em. Don't get me wrong, I've been doing stuff. I've been keeping the kitchen clean, and the laundry done. I've even made dinner 3 nights in a row! That's awesome for me, who usually just tosses some mac'n'cheese in a pan. But next week, I'll start organizing the house, decluttering it and everything. I want to organize the house, I want it to be clean so we don't have to scramble to clean it when someone is coming over. I know decluttering is going to take time, but that's what I've got lots of these days.

Also, budgeting. I've been working really hard on that. This week was an epic fail... We had a few unscheduled payments come up and totally blew my budget out of the water. BUT, just because we failed once doesn't mean we're going to give up. I've got some good plans I just need to put into place. We've been talking to some neighbors who have some pretty good plans.

And don't worry, I'm not trying to do too much, just enough to keep the house in order and money in the account and food in the fridge. I'm not trying to be WonderWoman or anything, there are things I want now that I have time to control them. I know all the time will be gone once Little Man gets here, but I might as well try while he's still cooking.

Shark and I went on a date on Monday. We watched a movie from my stash that we hadn't seen and then went to get ice cream from Subzero. It was pretty neat. They add all the ingredients in liquid form and then blast it with liquid nitrogen to freeze it. It tasted awesome too.

Shark has been getting used to his new schedule. And he's been able to do things early in the week. He fixed his motorcycle and even reupholtered the seat. Then we went for ride. I've been kind of iffy about the motorcycle since I've been pregnant. I'm iffy with them to begin with, I'm not a fan of leaning and turning.... But he asked if I wanted to go for a short ride and I said yes. We went up to the park we got our engagement photos taken. It wasn't a very long stay at the park, we walked across 2 kissing bridges and then got back on the bike. Shark said having a hot girl on your bike is one of the best things ever. But having a hot pregnant wife on your bike is THE best thing ever. :) He makes me smile.

Little Man has just been moving and rolling and elbowing me all over. It's been lots of fun tho. Lately he's started kicking me under the ribs, which is new, he usually kicks me on the underside of my belly. He's just a squirmy little guy. It really has been fun to just feel him move and kick.

Lots of love from us over here♥

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