Saturday, September 10, 2011


So, Shark's new schedule is a rough one. He works a swing shift. 3 days off, 3 days on, 4 days off, 4 days on... But he also works the night shift : 6:30 pm-6:30 am. It's not that hard once you get used to it, but it really takes some time to get used to. He still needs more time, I think.

Everyone asks me if it's hard for me to deal with. Eh, yes and no.

NO - because we needed this job. I'm able to stay home, take care of the house, and the baby when he gets here. This job pays our bills and allows Shark to go to school still. I have plenty around the house to do and keep up with. Also, he's working in the field he's studying in. This is what he'd like to do when "he grows up" and he's working for a company that would allow him to move up. He's already excelled at the job he's doing and learning more about other jobs there too. He enjoys it. He likes his job, and a rough day means he's got to find and wash more cans, rather than the rough day as a driver meant picking up 3 pallets of 100 boxes each, and each box weighs 47lbs. His rough days aren't so rough. And my schedule is going to be changing here in 10 weeks or so. Once Little Man comes to town, times are going to completely change!!

YES - because I wish I had more time with him. {NOTE: It doesn't matter what his job or shift would be, I will always want more time with him. Even with his last job I wanted more time with him, even when we were in CO and we both had days jobs, I wanted more time with him. Wives always want more time with their husbands!} The hardest part, and I've already talked about this with him, is the few minutes we get to see each other awake. Those sleepy minutes when he gets home at 7:30am {he drives an hour each eay to and from work} and I'm still in bed, I read and pray and he snuggles into me to get warm {motorcycle!} right before he starts snoring. And those rushed hurried minutes where he jumps in the tub and then out quick and then I feed him something to eat before he has to rush off and beat traffic and construction. That's what's hard. But really, that's only 3 nights a week, 4 on a long week. It just feels like a very LONG time in between seeing him. 

We still make time for each other, tho. We have a date night, where we either go out to the dollar theatre and see a movie that neither of us knew was out yet, let alone in the cheap theatre. Or we stay in a watch a movie, either from The Collection or from Netflix. This week, we did both. We watched Toy Story 3, and went a saw Transformers 3 with some friends. This morning, he brought me flowers. :)

And starting tomorrow, we're going to be on a vacation. We're flying back to WI for a while, and Shark will be able to fish every single day, all day long! And I get to do baby stuff with my mom and sisters!! Yup, we're both pretty excited.

Shark and I have come to an understanding. We still talk to each other, and hold each others hand and kiss and eat dinner together. Right now, we are so grateful for each other, and the sacrifices we're both giving. I'm grateful for him, and how hard he works, and how much he's doing to provide for us. I'm grateful for his strength and love for me. He's grateful I do laundry and cook, and keep the house clean-ish. He's grateful for my strength and contentment with being home, and my love for him. {We've talked about all this.} He means the world to me and I am so happy that we found each other!

Ooh, enough of the mushy stuff!! :) I've been making Little Man's baby blanket!! I've got all 9 wonky squares done, now I just need the white fabric for the border, and the flannel backing for it. I'm pretty excited with how it turned out. The wonky log-cabin is such a forgiving pattern {not sure if it's really a pattern, maybe more of theme..} and it's very versitale. Plus it's lots of fun and looks great.

This is me finally making good use of the craft table in my craft room!!

Here are the flowers Shark got me! When I asked him to take them upstairs (so I didn't step on them when I got out of bed) I said, "Now, I'm not trying to mean or evil, but you don't have to put them in water cuz we'll just be leaving in the morning and they'll die next week." Our plane takes off at 8:30am tomorrow, Shark will be heading to the airport straight from work.

And I painted my nails yesterday! I love how they look. I've had this bright magenta nail polish forever, and I bought a silver glitter polish yesterday to go over it. I love it!

So far that's what's been going on. I think the week after next, I'll get some white fabric and some flannel backing for the blanket and finish it up!

And I'm ending on a picture of what Bandit does while I'm in my craft room.... Making sure no one sneaks up on me!

Love to all ♥

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