Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wisconsin Trip!

Alright, Shark and I went to Wisconsin last week. Shark fished all week and hung out with the family. I hung out with the family. My mom also threw me a baby shower while I was there. It was alot of fun!

My parents have a dog, Allie. She's a collie, and she gets lost easily. :)

My parents also have deer. They feed the deer, and have for the past 7 years or so. One morning, Shark and I woke up to 2 fawns eating. Photo taken from the kitchen.

My parents have a pond. My dad stocks the pond with bass, blue gill, perch, and rainbow trout. Shark was having the best vacation ever, waking up to fishing every morning!

Our family has a tradition of sorts. Most summers we go look at waterfalls. We have usually gone with another family, my mom's best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world's family when they come to visit. This year we went just us, but my dad came! We went to Dave's Falls State Park. It was a nice hike (yes I did it!) and tha falls were beautiful. Shark and my dad started trying to get lures and bobbers out of trees at the end!

My mom threw my a baby shower, with the help of my sisters! It was alot of fun! More pictures would have been taken if we hadn't had so much fun talking to the girls!

Shark was kept busy by my dad and my brother. He and my brother started throwing the football around. They threw it from the trampoline, they played 500 off the roof, they threw it to the dog. My dad needed Shark's help with the basketball hoop installation. Now, if he only gets that court paved, he'll play some ball.

Our trip to Wisconsin was loads of fun, and very relaxing. We got to sleep in as much as we could, and fish as much as we wanted, and just hang out. It was so much fun! Thanks mom and dad!!

Love to the family! ♥