Saturday, June 2, 2012

road trip road trip!!!

so this weekend we're planning a trip. We're heading home to Wisconsin! I've been so excited for so long! We've been saving up for it and I have been really excited. Shark took the time off work, so we have a big long week and a half! So now we're counting down the week! And now I've gotta start packing!!  I went to the Bakery Outlet and bought a whole bunch of snacks, and I stocked up at CostCo too! So yeah we've got tons of snacks. I'll just have to make one last stop at both the Outlet and CostCo for drinks, but not until Friday (I'd definitly start drinking then early!)

I'm excited to see my whole family! My mom has seen Danger, but my brothers and sisters, and my dad haven't. Plus, my sister Alexa is graduating from high school, so she's planning on having a end of year party and THE WHOLE FAMILY is coming! My older brother is coming, my sister is coming from Texas, my grandparents are coming, aunts, uncles, cousins, and lots of friends!!! SOOO freaking excited!!

Oooh! So another awesome thing about this trip, is we're driving! We're taking a big huge road trip to WI. We're heading north thru ID, then head east thru MT, SD and MN, straight into WI! I've never been to MT or SD, and I am so freaking excited! We're planning on heading up to Rexburg, ID, some friends of the family are up there, and I'm excited to see them! Then we're going to see the temples in Billings, MT and Bismarck, ND. Then we're driving thru Minneapolis to see some friends of the family (who recently got married and are freaking awesome!!) and then it's straight on to WI!!

So Danger, Bandit, Shark and I head east next Saturday morning! Yay!

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