Friday, May 25, 2012

Family Pictures

So we got our family pictures taken! And I am so excited to share them! I decided to get us all in blues, we could just wear jeans (yes, Danger has blue jeans, and they are soooo cute!!) and we each had blue shirts to wear that we didn't have to buy! Awesomeness! Bandit was behaving and we got some smiles out of Danger! It was pretty fun. We took the pictures at the same place I took my bridals and the place we took our engagements. It's a pretty special place to us. Cami Hess took our pictures. Check her out at Cami Hess Photography. Ready for a photo dump?

Yay for smiley baby and smiley family!! Our photos were taken by Cami Hess, over at Cami Hess Photography. How awesome are these pictures?! Great job, right? I love them!

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