Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home again

So, we went on our big trip! And it was amazing! It was a pretty awesome trip. Little Man and Bandit were freaking awesome! They took the trip like champs. Danger slept the whole way there (a few patches of fuss, but we got it under control) and the dog just slept the whole way.

We went up thru Idaho, saw some friends; then up thru Yellowstone. Apparently it was a free admission day, which was awesome. Once we got into Yellowstone a bunch of cars were slowing, cuz there were a WHOLE freaking bunch of buffalo right by the freaking road!

Then we saw some elk, some antelope, and we saw some mountain goats (which are really rare to see!) We didn't seen any wolves or bears. But a guy had gotten attacked by a bear early that week. He was trying to take a picture of an elk and walked in front of a bear, and it gnawed on his leg. Yeah, I know. Woah.

We drove thru Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota to Wisconsin. Idaho is Idaho. Montana is beautiful!! Not at all what I was expecting, it was gorgeous. North Dakota was NOTHING like the barren waste land we had pictured in our head. Minnesota is pretty much exactly like Wisconsin (sorry to say it, but it's true.)

Hanging out with the family was pretty awesome. It was great to see the whole family (all 6 kids) together. Plus, that means they ALL got to meet Little Man. We hung out, we fished, we caught fireflies, we went out for our anniversary, we ate brats, we played with our baby, and watched my family play and laugh with him. Over that week, he prefected his wounded soldier crawl and even popped a tooth! But my parents got to meet him and hang with him. I loved that.

Driving home, we went thru Iowa (stayed at some friends from UT who moved there) then thru Nebraska (we drove thru 104 temps and our little car said, I just can push cold air to you anymore!!) then thru the all-too familiar territory of Wyoming and onto Utah. Yeah, that's the boring way, that's for dang sure!! But it was faster than I-94.

So now we're home, everything is out of the car, washed folded, and almost put away. But we're getting back into the swing of things. We got home late late Monday night and got to just chill on Tuesday. Shark went back to work on Wednesday night. So things are pretty much back to normal.

Yup.... Back to normal.