Sunday, November 4, 2012

Long time no see

So this post won't have pictures, as I'm writing it from my phone. But you can bet that I'm going to do a follow-up photo dump (hopefully) this weekend.

Well, I last wrote that I was going on vacation. I had a great time. I was super nervous leaving my little man. It was the first time I'd really been apart from him for longer than a night! But I got to call and check in. :) The cruise was amazing. It reminded me of our honeymoon cruise. And also made me realize, cruises are the way to go and we need to plan another one!

I didn't take pictures but my mom did and once she sends me some I'll post them.

Well I've been back for a while and I got right into the swing of Halloween! I decorated my table and made a monster wreath. Danger went as little Mario, Shark as Capt. Hammer and I went as Penny, his girlfriend. My Ginger sister went as a mermaid, of course. Not Ariel, but a mermaid nonetheless!

I had a heart check up. The echo tech had questions about my heart cuz he'd never seen or heard of my procedure so he was all like "oh wow!" Yup. When people see my heart, they go "oh wow!" We're all go tho, no change from a year ago. The kid hasn't given me a heart attack yet (mom says that'll happen later.)

Shark bought a new gun. A Judge. He might have to tell you about it. All I know is it's a revolver pistol that shoots mini shotgun shells. Yup.

I have all of my Christmas shopping done!now I just need to make it all! I didn't pick anything too hard, it's just the quantity!! Naw I'm not worried. I'm excited for Christmas but I'm totally ok with waiting. Sharks disagrees.

I'm excited for Thanksgiving!!! Woot woot! I love turkey day so much! And this year Danger will totally be able to eat his little heart out too! (As of 2006, 20% of Americans have eaten an entire pie....)

So he's got 6 teeth, 3 on top, 3 on bottom. He bites HARD and loves food! He's not such a fan of the purée anymore but he'll eat it. He loves toast and grapes. Still loves pickles. Loves pineapple and those little oyster crackers.

He can say "please" and "more" using sign. We're still working on him doing it on his own or the first time suggested. He gets impatient. Especially if its something he loves, like toast, he kicks his little feet and leans! But he knows those words.

And today, he decided he's going to walk. He's been able to take up to 3 steps at a time up till now. Today he walked across the living room, kitchen, laundry room, and our room. He's a walking monster now. He was really stingy with his steps before this. It's like the stairs, one day he just looked at the stairs and said "it's go time" and crawled up them. Today he decided to be awesome and started walking. :)

Also, since my little man turns 1 in a week (6 days now!!!!!) I've decided I'd kinda like to ease him onto the sugar. Instead of just crash into it in the form of frosted goodness. So I've been giving him sugar, and he's had Ice cream. He loves ice cream, hates the cold. So yeah.... We'll see.

Well it's late and I'm tired. I know if I didn't post today it wouldn't get done for another week. So ta da!!

Love you all!

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