Monday, July 8, 2013


LOVE THIS! PHOTO DUMP! My mom, brother and sister came out to visit us from Wisconsin. Meg and Scott came out for EFY (a totally AWESOME experience!) and grandma got to hang out with Danger all week! These are pictures are from my iPhone all week.
Danger and uncle Scott hanging out on the stairs! It's just awesome that they were wearing the same color!

Meg and Scott were playing video games. Danger wanted to play, so they handed him a controller that was unplugged.

Danger got stung by a wasp : 3 times! He cried for 5 minutes then decided it was time eat. My tough little man!

Bandit LOVED the attention! Scott played with him!

3 generations! That little monkey guy LOVED having his Grandma around!

We went to the flag raising ceremony at church on the 4th. Danger ate a ton of watermelon!

Danger helped Grandma push the wagon up the hill on the way home.

Just helping!

We went up to the hill by our house to watch fireworks. Danger had a glowstick. Grandma had her Danger!

Grandma was exhausted from chasing Danger all week. Scott was exhausted from chasing Utah girls all week.

I love my family. Walking to church on Sunday.

Danger wouldn't sit still during church, so momma started hiding his animal crackers!

Grandma and Danger snuggling at church.

Grandma wrestling that boy!

Danger LOVED having his grandma to hang out all week. It really was so nice to have my family visiting! Meg and Scott LOVED EFY and I am so excited that they went.

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