Monday, August 5, 2013

hmmmm decisions

So, we have been going thru a decision process....

So, ever since I had Danger, I knew I wanted time before I had the next one. I was terrified about having kids too close together. Not afraid for them, but for me. I knew it in my mind that I wouldn't be able to handle it (mentally, emotionally) if I had my kids close together.

By close together, I mean, 2 kids under 2 kind of close....

So once we had Danger, Shark and I started talking immediately about the next one (I'm pretty sure EVERY couple talks about the next one, after they have the 1st.... right?) and we decided to wait until Danger was about 18 months before we started trying for #2.

So, sometime in January it hit me. The baby bug. Thoughts of babies consumed me. Everywhere I looked, everywhere I turned, there were babies. Every thought that popped into my head, babies. Even while watching TV, babies. Going to sleep at night, babies. I took it as a sign that maybe we should rethink our decision. (I like to think that if something consumes me that much, it's not my own thoughts, but inspiration...)

So we started praying, trying to figure out what to do. We listed PROS and CONS, we went back and forth. Should we wait, should we start now.... Is the timing right? Should we wait until he's 18 months and then start? Should we wait and try to pay off a little more debt? Should we wait until Danger is a little older?

Well, we kinda threw all caution to the wind and in February, I stopped taking my birth control. I had an appointment with my cardiologist back in November, and after checking my heart out, my Dr. gave me the ok, the go ahead to get pregnant. We started to really try to get pregnant. I started taking a prenatal and I got back on the glucophage. (I took it when trying to get pregnant with Danger, it helps my hormones because I've got PCOS.)

Well, you might not know this about me, but I'm impatient. It had been so stressful, the wondering, the AM I?! What made it even more stressful was since I stopped taking birth control, my cycles hadn't returned to normal like they usually do within 2 months.... Right, isn't it 2 months? Anyways, it had been stressful because I wasn't ovulating, I wasn't cycling, my body wasn't doing anything!!!

Ok, well, that wasn't entirely true. My body was doing something. I had another appointment with my cardiologist, this time he said if I had any fainting spells, dizzy spells, times when I was walking around my house and I felt tired, like I was dragging 100's of pounds that I should call them. Well, Monday after Mother's Day (what is it with Mother's Day!?!?!?) I got dizzy and I was feeling sluggish all day. So I called the Dr on Tuesday. They sent me a halter monitor on Wednesday, then had me come in for a cardiac MRI. The MRI was so they can "map" out my heart. So they could put the pace maker in the next Monday. Yup, that's right, I got a pace maker at the age of 26.

Well, after a few reprograms and changes to the pacemaker, I think we finally found a setting that works great! So once we got things figured out, our life changed again.

Later in July, we found out we were pregnant! Danger is going to be a big brother and we couldn't be happier.

And even though we don't know when I'm due because we don't have any clue when we conceived. My cycles are so irregular, and I don't ovulate after I get off birth control. So yeah, we have NO clue. It's just going to be a big huge guess, like Danger was. We had no idea his true due date, they measured his femur and said, "Oh, he's um due in November...."

So anyways, we think baby #2 is due sometime in March...

But we are totally stoked!! We are so freaking excited!!
 Player 4 has pressed START and will enter the game in Spring of 2014.
This is how Danger told everyone about his new "big brother" status.

Bring on the pregnancy symptoms!!

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