Saturday, September 28, 2013

Not dead just pregnant

Oh man, I know it has been a while. Everytime I feel sorta up to writing a post, I end up losing a battle with my laziness. Sorry.

Shark started school again last month. Which means he also switched back to the night shift. His schedule goes like this:

-Monday : school from 9:30 to 2:00pm. He gets there early to study and do homework. No work. 
-Tuesday : no school. No work. Homework/catch up day. 
-Wednesday : school from 9:30 to 4:30pm. He has to leave right from school to make it to work on time at 6:30p. 
-Thursday : he gets off work at 6:30am then he catches the train home and gets home usually around 8:30am. He goes right to sleep. Wakes up around 3:00pm to bath and eat. Then he catches the 4:00pm train back south. Work at 6:30pm. 
-Friday : off work at 6:30am then hops the train back up north. Gets to school around 8:30 and studies until his first class at 9:30am. School until 1:30. He comes home, catches an hour and a half nap then he's awake at 3pm to bath and eat. Heads back to the train. Work at 6:30pm. 
-Saturday : off work at 6:30am. Drives the car back home. Sleep all day. *Every other Saturday he wakes up around 3:00 pm to drive back to work by 6:30pm. The train schedule is different on Saturday so he drives. 
-Sunday : every other Sunday he gets home from work around 8:30am. He tries to be up and go to church with us but sometimes it's either he sleep at home and get good rest or sleep at church. So he sleeps at home. 

So yeah, I don't see a whole lot of him when he's on nights. But he's getting his school done which is important. With him riding the train this semester he's able to sleep or study on the train. So instead of JUST driving to work, he's able to utilize every minute o his day. Hopefully he'll be healthier this year than he was last year.

I told him he picked the perfect time to get me pregnant, he'll be gone all day everyday until after this baby is born!! He laughed. But it just means Danger gets the brunt of my crankiness, sorry little man. He's a fighter tho. Usually after I holler at him for something he comes up and pats me on the head or the shoulder and lays down on my lap.

I've been working on being better and not so cranky. I have been having crazy realistic pregnancy dreams! Like I wake up crying and then when I fall back asleep, I fall right back into the dream. They have been awful and real feeling! So on top of being crazy emotional and crying at anything (I even cried during an episode of Castle!!) now I've been even worse and teary-eyed all day cuz these dreams are so bad!

Anyways - but we're not dead. We've taken a step back this week, like retreated into our house. Danger fell off the bunk bed ladder and broke his collar bone! So we've been hanging around the house all day. I've still been babysitting, but at least I can keep an eye on Danger. I haven't let him out of my sight since Monday, when he fell. I have been crazy mom! And, it doesn't help that they pain killers he's on have made him constipated. So my little strong man is hurting all over. And it breaks his momma's heart.

So yeah - we're not dead - Shark is working/learning, Danger is just hanging in there, and the momma is just crying!! :)

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