Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week rewind

So this is how the past two weeks have gone. Ok maybe it's the past 3 weeks, I don't really remember. In fact, lately I don't really remember anything.
I was at a stop light and I turned and saw my "not-so-flexible" son licking his knees. Not sure why or even how, but he was doing it. 
I was buying a plank of wood for a craft project. I learned : a 12 foot board is 2 inches too long to fit in my Durango and I'm stronger than I look and feel. 
We don't go to the park very often but when we do, Danger gets his full of the swings. He would never leave the swings or the slide, ever!!
This happened. And then an hour later this happened...
He fell/jumped off a bunk bed and broke his collar bone. He was the saddest little guy I ever saw. 
So sad. He would only leave the brace and wrap on when he slept. He tears it off if he's not sleepy or snuggly. 
But him being snuggly means I got lots of pics of me and him together. And even tho he's been hurting, he's still full of smiles. So much cheese in this little guy. 
He awful cute when he's playing with Bandit. He pets him, rides on him, jumps on him, and plays with his ears. It sure is cute to watch. And Bandit is so good about just letting Danger mess with him. 
The cousins playing together at grandma's. I told them to say CHEESE. I had random shouts of cheese follow me the rest of the night. 
There have been tons of smiles, even tho he's been in pain for a few days. He's still my little ham!
Momma closed her eyes for one of shows. He figured out how to swipe open my iPhone AND he figured out how to swipe the camera open!! I got quite a few pictures of him just cheesing it up for the camera. 
We went to ComicCon and Danger dressed up as Dr. Horrible, I went as Penny, and Shark went as Captain Hammmer. I think he's a dead ringer for Dr. Horrible!
Little man snaked a loaf of bread and devoured it. Not before showing us his cheese! Lately he's been squinting his eyes like crazy when he shows us his cheese. He's pretty silly. 

I've been feelin kinda stressed with this pregnancy. Well, not the pregnancy so much, it's the end result. I'm stressed about having 2 children. I know every mom goes thru moments where she feels inadequate and doubtful of her mom-hood. I've been feeling that a lot lately. 

And this is NOT me fishin for compliments. Somedays I know I'm a good mom the Danger. But I'm still worried about being a good mom to 2 of them. 

When I look back, I felt nervous when Shark and I got married. But once it was all done, things fell into place, we got into sync and it was as if we had always been married. I felt this same nervousness when I was pregnant with Danger. But after he'd been with us for a while, it all fell unto place, we got into sync and it was as if he had always been with us! I'm hoping its the same way with this child. 

I struggle with my own humanness a lot, my emotions and my reactions. But I've been working on it. I know I'm not the only mom who deals with this, I know I'm not alone. And I also know, I'm a good mom. I do what I can, yeah, it's not everything you see on Pinterest. But I do my best. I do what I can for my family. 

The thin I think I look forward to the most is this : 
When it'll be me and this guy and another little face squished in there! I look forward to just watching my kids, just hanging out with them. We are truly blessed with Shark's job cuz I'm able to stay home with my kids! 

I really am excited, just nervous of my own flaws. But I know with the help of family, friends, and my Heavenly Father, I know I can be the best mom I can be!!! 

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