Saturday, October 19, 2013

And this week

Well this week has been the same as other weeks I suppose. The beginning at least.

Shark and I went on a double date on Tuesday. It was really nice for us to go on a date. Lately our dates have had a 3rd wheel. It's not that we can't find someone to watch Danger, it's just that lately our dates have been sort of spur of the moment. We just sorta get in the car and go. 

Then Wednesday, The Headache hit me. It was the worst headache I've had since before the heart surgery! I haven't had a bad one like this in a long long time!! Thursday I went to the chiropractor and the crick in my neck went away, but the headache stayed. Today (Saturday) is day 4 of this blasted headache. Day 4 of the aura, of the lightheaded ness, of the dizzy spells, of the pain. Ugh. I can tell you, after I went to the chiropractor, the pain changed. I don't know how to explain it, it's like it went from an external pain that can be fixed to an internal pain that I just have to deal with. I've been dealing with headaches for a long long time. Thank goodness I have a flexible schedule and am able to just hang out on the couch with Danger. 

Friday I went to drop off stuff at the DI, then ran to Walmart, and I ended up parking next to a friend of mine! So we hung for a while that day. Her youngest son is 2 months older than Danger. I decided I needed something else to do so I thought I'd make some "calm down bottles" I found on Pinterest. 
The pink and purple don't have the stickers off yet, and I have to use goo-gone to get the sticker residue off the blue and green. I took SmartWater bottles, bought way more glitter than I'll ever need, and some tacky gel glue. I used hot water, poured the glue in first to mix it in, then dumped copious amounts of glitter in. Then, since super glue didn't keep the lid secure I used Gorilla glue. They last for about 3 minutes. 

I've been working on Christmas presents, wedding presents and baby gifts. My sister is getting married next week. (I KNOW!!!) And so I've been working on getting something together for them.  Danger and I are flying back to WI for the reception. It'll be his first time on an airplane. He's going to sit on my lap, he won't be 2 yet, so he'll be free. We're bringing a portable DVD player and plenty of fruit snacks. Grandma and grandpa are so excited to see him. 
This kid is why I can never find my cans of food!
Peace love and cheesy grins!

Me - 16 weeks. 

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