Friday, January 24, 2014


So I discovered some nifty things today. I went shopping with Danger like we always do the day after payday. He was very good while shopping with me, like he usually is, and so we went out to lunch. Now us going out for lunch meant we went to KFC and got Go-Cups. For $2.49 a piece for a meal that fills us both up, that's pretty awesome. He eats 1 of his tenders and his fries, and I eat my 2 piece tenders and his other one. Good deal.

While shopping, we meandered down the cookie aisle, we needed more graham crackers and I came across some walmart brand cookies that looked awesome. 
They look exactly like Girl Scout cookies but cost about 1/2. The caramel coconut (Samoa) ones are $1.88 here. The other 2 are $1.48 each. The Fudge Mint ones are quite a bit smaller than Thin Mints but there are more in the package. They all taste almost equal to their Scouting counterparts. Shark and I have always thought the Great Value brand tastes pretty close to the real thing. We like the fake Oreos and now these. I am so excited I found these. I'm hoping they stick around after the Scouting cookie sale.

When we got home, we ate then he went to nap. I started putting all the food away. One thing we bought was a big 10lb tube of ground beef. We're stocking up on meats in prep for our spend less month of February. I would like to have some protein around so I can just whip things up using what's in our pantry. Anyways, while I was getting ready to cut it up into 1lb parts, I was looking at the package and noticed it had some markings on it. 
How awesome and useful is that?!

I feel pretty good today. And these little things made it even more awesome. 

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