Sunday, September 21, 2014

This week according to my phone...

This week has been crazy. I feel like it has been nonstop going moving and doing.

We all got The Cold. The boys, including Shark, and then a week later momma got it. 
Our neighbor girls like to come over and play. I made a blanket fort for them and packed a little picnic snack. 
The little silly boy loves to chew on his binky backwards. He's such a little goof. He has been working on his hand coordination, it's been fun. 
We went to The Adventure Park and Danger loved it. It was such a cool park. 
We went up to the mountain to look at the stars. Danger looked up at them and said in awe, "Look, so beautiful!"
Momma gave Colonel some rice cereal. He loved it. And then went on to save the world. Both boys have looked soooo serious when they play with this!
Danger was good when we went searching for white handkerchiefs so momma rewarded him with some arcades rides. 
I had to do some crafting in my craft room so I laid Colonel down on the guest bed. I came back to find him asleep like this. This is often how I find Shark when I take him shopping with me. :)
Alright, I figured after 27 years, 2 open heart surgeries, a pacemaker and multiple atrial flutter episodes I should probably have a medical alert bracelet. So I searched the multiple websites of bracelets and necklaces and finally settled on this one. It was the cutest one I could find that would match everything I wear AND was pretty cheap. I put my heart diagnosis and pacemaker info on the back. There are so many types of CHD, I feel better knowing everyone will be able to know my specific defect, in case of emergency. 
I played volleyball with some people at church. The pictures of my hand NEVER did the bruise justice. Seriously. It looked so much worse thanks this. It hurt but playing was so good. 
We've been running so many errands lately that the boys often fall asleep in the car. 
My little one has been discovering his hands and just this week he has discovered his lips. We were walking thru Joann's and I caught him doing this. Such a silly cute thing. 

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