Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Proof of life

So, I've come to realize you might think I'm dead. Well, I'm not. I'm good and alive. Yeah, things have been just going, continuing on, life has just been moving.

This summer has been chock full of all kinds of events. But right now, as I sit and think about what's happened, nothing comes to mind. We're not boring, we did stuff this summer, I promise!

Shark and I celebrated 6 years. Whoo hoo! We went to the SLC Temple and then to the Melting Pot.

We tried potty training for a bit. It went good at first, then slowly slid backwards. This momma just grew frustrated with a little boy who was trying. So we stopped. We stopped the anger and the yelling and the frustration. So, we're back in diapers. We'll try again when he's ready, maybe we'll try when he turns 3 - that's in 2 months! 2 MONTHS!

We went to lots of parks this summer. Shark's schedule is always the same, so the back half of the week is reserved for him to sleep. But me and the boys were hitting up parks every day there for a while.


We went fishing, we helped out at a charity yard sale, we got dirty, we went flying, we went hiking, we ate food, we partied.

A carnival came to Clinton, and we went to that and had lots of fun. I asked Danger to pick a ride : Ferris wheel. Well, this momma is afraid of heights. Danger LOVED it. Later that week we went back and he got to ride a few rides. Also, me and Shark got to go on a ride together.

We went on the train a few times, and if you think I like the train, oh boy, Danger loves it more. There were a few occasions where we had nothing to do so we hopped on the train. It really is nice.

I watched my babies enjoy each other's company. I watched at The Colonel discovered his hands and feet. I watched him learn to pick up his toys, and search for his brother. He watches Danger all the time. He is so jealous of Danger being up and about.

I also found a bunch of videos from when Danger was a year old. How on earth was he ever that small? When did he grow up? When did he get big?

This summer has been full of all kinds of things. My best friend moved down south. My sister moved there too. My mom, brother and sister came to see me and to take my sister to school. I'm not alone out here anymore! Granted, she's down at school, doing school stuff but I can go see her!

So yeah, we're still alive. Shark is back in school this semester, and Danger started Joy School this year.

I love these boys. 

I promise to try and blog more. :)

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