Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas to all!!

Thank you to all our friends and family! We love you all so much! You trully are the best ever!

Ok, to sum up the year : This past year has been a crazy one, I lost my job in January, and the next day we decided at the end of February we were moving to Utah. My doctor's appointments in Colorado wrapped up in February and when we got to Utah, I found a doctor here. We were given the "green light" to have kids and that's what our goal has been. We moved in with Mark's brother and sister-in-law for a while, and then bought a house in South Ogden in October. Mark moved back to Utah with 2 jobs waiting for him, and I found a job that I like very much. We're both on Shark's insurance now, so we've been able to see doctor's about what's been going on with my body, or lack of "going on" but we're still trying to figure it out. We love our new house, and are excited to make it our very own. Bandit loves having his own yard, with no possible options of escape, not that he hasn't tried at all! Mark got enrolled in school here in Utah, and even managed to get recidency in Utah, and he begins classes first thing January! This year has taken us all over the place, and it has been an up and down kind of year, but we are happy to be together and happy to be where we are. We're grateful for all that we have been blessed with, even when it didn't seem like blessings at the time.

When we look back on the year, we see that we have been walking in a strait line to where we are. Even though it seems like we were going back and forth, zig-zagging. We are very happy to be here. Grateful to be in the ward we're in, close to Shark's friends and family. I miss my family but I call them enough, so that makes up for the distance.

Shark and I have been making the most of our new home. I've been painting and hanging things up. I've been buying shelves and hooks from the Trading Post, all to make my home cute and my own. I've also been making more food and treats (which Shark likes, alot!) and I've been getting good at making more kinds of food. I'll try to get some more pictures up on here.

Christmas has taken over my life for the past 2 months. I have been so dang busy with work and presents. It's been way crazy. (So crazy, we can't even tell if Bandit has gotten into anything because my house is awful!!) I'm hoping with the Crazy season ending and a new year beginning, a new budget, cleaning, and new places for everything. I plan to clean everything and put everything away, and get re-started on the budget. Yeah I'm hoping to start a whole bunch new stuff. It just has to happen after Christmas.

 We hope this card finds all in good spirits and we wish you a Merry Christmas!

Love to all this season, may the love of Christ bring joy to your lives. ♥

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