Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Slacker of the year!

Ok, so maybe just the end of the year! I realize I've been missing. Not that I blog for anyone but me (this is my vent to the world!) but everything has been crazy with Christmas! las minute gift creations, and making sure everything looks just right. Here is my Christmas so far.

And I totally dropped the ball this year and did NOT get awesome pictures like I did last year. Sorry. I did get some pictures, and I'll post what I can. If not, I gave some gifts to people that live around here, I'll sneak in and snap some shots.

And this is what I made! There is quite a few things missing, but like I said, I dropped the ball! I didn't even decorate really! Ugh!

Ok, now some big things have been happening around the house. I'll share all that with you when I get off work tonight and blog! :)

Love to all, I hope all was merry and bright! ♥

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