Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cliff Hanger!!

So at the end of my last post, I realize I left everybody hanging. It would have been better if I had blogged as planned, but I did not. Yeah... My bad..

Anyways, Shark I have been discussing our "Random Room" lately. What we want to do with it, make out of it, burn it... Things like that. Here's the room again, in case you forgot. (On the bottom picture, it's that weird wall on the right side, with that odd blue siding.)

So, Shark has been brainstorming, getting all kinds of great ideas. And Sunday he finally just started doing. (My only condition to doing anything with that room was : It had to wait until after Christmas, when things weren't so dang crazy! Sunday was the 26th.....)

Well, Shark cleaned out that entire room, which was pretty awesome itself. That room is where we put all the boxes and I was supposed to slowly clean out that room, but somehow never got around to it. Also, I bet it didn't help that when I needed something, I tore apart every box in that room, and made it a complete mess! Yeah... So, my freaking awesome husband took that whole room and put it in the rooms the stuff needed to be in. I'm not gonna lie, lots went down to the dungeon. Anywho, when he tore up the carpet, THIS amazingness was underneath.

Yeah... I wonder why they carpeted over it... Well, Shark just kept going. Once the carpet was torn up (and rolled up and put in the dungeon.) He started on the wall. Yes, THE WALL!

There is a door from the dining room that now goes into the garage, not outside. He then framed a wall between that odd siding and the brick on the house.

And he has even framed another wall, to close off the garage. (So I can have a big pantry and tons of shelves!!)

Speaking of shelves. Shark's dad came over to help him on Monday, and his dad went up to my craft room/office and made these awesome shelves!!

I'm so excited!! So really, that's what been going on. Sorry to get you all excited. I love having lots of shelves!! Woot woot! Now to organize them, and find a way to keep them organized. We'll just have to see. Thank you so much, Shark for making all these things for me, and thank you to your dad too!

POTD: Bandit at the top of the stairs. No one to play with...

Love to all who have big plans for this next year!! I know we sure do! ♥

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I'm so glad you posted. I was waiting for you to post last night. I am so excited for your big changes. I am so jealous of your craft room shelves. They look awesome!