Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

So, since my illness, I have had time to just hang around the house. And since I can't really talk to anybody, I just listen to music and either clean or finish my presents. Well, I was blog-stalking today and I found a Christmas Countdown at Dating Divas! I absolutely love this! Too bad I don't have any time to make an advent calendar... Yup, just no time. I'm making Christmas presents still... Yeah.. I know.

I did finish my tree yesterday.

I absolutely LOVE it this year!! I bought all new ornaments because the blue/silver/black bulbs I bought when we first got married, flew out of the truck while we were driving. Yes. My ornaments (meaningless ones, not the ones my mom has been collecting since I was born) were smashed to smithereens on I-80, somewhere in Wyoming. So, I bought new ornaments, and I love how the tree turned out. You know how when you picture something in your head, and then you go to create it, and when it's done you think, Oh Crap, I suck at life...? Well, the tree actually turned out how I pictured it in my head. For once, that Oh Crap, thought didn't happen!! Yayayay! Shark's pretty cute, he really likes the silver picks I used (leaves) and he thinks my tree looks really good. He usually doesn't notice things like that. I'm pretty impressed with my tree decorating skills. :)

This is my favorite picture because you can see everything I used to decorate it. Each bulb I used (blue shiny, matte and glitter and silver matte and shiny), both ribbons (blue and silver), the snowflakes, the silver mesh and the silver pick (leaves). Plus, my tree actually looks good, not like the crappy tree that it is. {trust me, it really is crappy!}

That's Christmas so far.

This is Bandit playing in the snow. I found out I can use his Chuck-it like an ice cream scoop, and it makes perfect snowballs, it even throws them!! Yes!! Pretty sure it's awesome. And little dog loves it, so it's a keeper!

Oh, yeah. Remember my random voice-loss last week? Well, this week, my voice is still kinds gone (mom says I'm getting better) but now my throat hurts and I'm coughing and that hurts too. So, I bought some Mucinex, I bought 2 boxes and the guy at the register asked my age, he looked at me all skeptical, I said, Look, I'm married, I've been married 2 years. You have to be 18 to be married in this state right? He smiled and said, Yes. Geez people, I'm going to be 24 next month, I'm not skipping class, I'm not buying Mucinex to grind up and snort. I mean, I sound sick, ok. So, yeah, that's been bugging me this week. Yeah, alot. Shark is still NOT sick. On one of his pick-ups, they gave him a free flu shot. I think they were shooting everyone that walked thru the door. Lucky him.
Love to those who add to their collection of decorations, I have joined your ranks. ♥

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