Saturday, February 26, 2011

So blue


Ok. In our house, we have a little bit of space above the cupboads. I have been trying to figure out what I want to go up there. I was thinking holiday stuff, but then came the thought : Then I have to change it for every season.... AND buy stuff for every season to go up there! Nope. I was at the Post quite a while back, and they had these orange green and blue soup mugs, I bought them. They had these orange green and blue mixing bowls, I bought them. Then it started happening all over the place. Orange green and blue things I just HAD TO HAVE! So I bought them. The theme of my kitchen is : Blue green and orange! I think it's way cute! This last go-round, I think I finished it. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought loaded up on Orange Green and Blue items. I went to the Dollar Store on Tuesday. Call it depression or what ever you want, I had to get stuff. So here is a peak at my kitchen.

Soup mugs.

Giant Clothes Pins.

Family Plate.

Cutting Boards.


Mixing bowls.

Measuring cups.

Ice cream cups.


Just the tops of the cupboard are done, I have a few more things to go up around the room, but we're not to that point yet. I would still like to paint the partion wall and get a desk.

Pretty sure I love my kitchen! It's so much fun!

That's just a peak for now! This a random post, I am working on something, but it is taking me FOREVER!! I'll post when it's done. Hopefully.

Love to those who love snow, and those who would love to send it someplace else. ♥

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