Thursday, June 2, 2011

painting and saving

Ok, you know how everyone and their SIL is trying to save money these days? Trust me, it's happening! Well, our cell phone plan is kinda pricey {at least I think so!} and I called them to see about getting a cheaper plan with the bundling and what not they've got now. No dice. We have this magical plan that they stopped doing. Remember the MyFaves plan, and how big that was, and everybody had a Faves plan, some even went up with 20! Well, apparently, we're like the last people on the planet to have a Faves plan and it makes our plan cheaper than what they can offer us.

So, to get the next cheapest plan, we'd have to bump up by about $20. Not happening. We'll just continue paying and talking. He did say, if we cut down on our minutes used by 500 each month, we'd be able to bump down in price.

I'm pregnant. I don't forsee us cutting back on minutes anytime soon.

Looks like we're just going to eat Mac-N-Cheese for a month to save money. I don't mind in the least!

Oooohh! I started painted yesterday! Last week, my work schedule was filled up completely! Then they cut some hours and now I've got 3 days off in a row! I decided to paint the nursery!

Radioactive Snot Green!!

I've just got 1 coat on, I'm doing and 2nd coat today.

Then tomorrow it's going to be the stripes in the darker green.

I'll post pictures along the way. I've got all kinds of ideas for the room, and I have most the stuff I want to put in it. I'm just searching for a few more things!

Love to all who love to paint! ♥