Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just blah

Alright, so I've been MIA lately. And for no reason really. I've just been feeling Blah lately.

Part of it is : These days have been THE LONGEST DAYS EVER!
 Another part of it  is : Even though I'm not fat {and don't technically know how far along I am!) I hurt all over. Which is ridiculous! Totally ridiculous!!

I mean seriously! I'm not even showing and my back hurts all the time, and my hips have been in some crazy pain every time I walk!

I'm not tryin to be a whiner-49er, but dude, this stinks.

And I went out and bought a huge bottle of Zantac because I've got heartburn like I ate buffalo wings, 3 burritos, and some nachos. Ugh.

I did buy paint. so we can get started on the nursery. It's going to be the same color for boy or girl. Green. Jungle theme. I've had the idea for a while, and told Shark, and he's down with it.

But Shark and I did buy a memory foam mattress top. Which is freaking awesome. I love it. ♥

I have also been taking Bandit for walks some days when I get off work early. Today we went to a new little park and he ran and ran and ran! I just walked around. It was pretty awesome.

Well, that's what's been going on lately. Much love to all who are just dealing! ♥♥

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