Wednesday, June 29, 2011

livin the dream

So, lately I've been not busy but also not very motivated. It doesn't help that

1) I discovered yet another series on Netflix... Numb3rs. Oh and That 70's Show. {HELLO WISCONSIN}

2) I was given an entire box of bags from work.... I've been making these :

3) I have a real reason to clean. My family is coming out to visit.

4) Our house has no swamp cooler and no AC. {that is, until yesterday. We got an AC put in!}

5) I discovered these at I call them Smothered Oreos... And I am well on my way thru the 2nd pan I've made in the past week...

6) My garden has been overrun with some mysterious creeper plant. It's so tall because it's eaten a tomato cage. My peas are on the left side of the picture, holding their own against this creep. I don't think my spinach, my beans, my tomatoes, or my watermelons survived tho....

7) I have been on the verge of tears for the past week. Hormones or what, but I have felt like crying. Even while watching My Name is Earl (so not a sad show!)

Those are my excuses for this week. And in case you were wondering, no, I'm not just sitting up here on the computer. I'm cutting out vinyl right this second. I've got to put vinyl up on some trucks today. The vinyl cutting is just taking forever cuz it just takes that long to cut vinyl.

Also, I'm getting up whenever my butt starts hurting {which happens way more often than it used to!} and picking some things up out of the next room.

Ooh, I also have to show you my craft room organization!!

I got these black shelves from the same lady I got the craft table from. We screwed the shelves to the wall so they don't tip over and I had Shark drill some holes in the sides to I could put some dowels thru and make a ribbon ladder. (Real ribbon ladders are way expensive, the shelves were free and the dowels were .16 cents a piece, I got 2!)

When we bought the house, I had to pick a room to make my craft room. At first I picked the room across the hall, then noticed it didn't have a hook up for internet. So I moved to the room I'm in now, which used to be the master bedroom before they remodeled the basement. There are 2 closets. Shark's dad came over one day and built me some custom shelves. Custom fit for LAUNDRY BASKETS!! I love them! They fit {almost} everything! I've started labeling my containers.

This was my Christmas prestent from Shark last year. I told him I wanted shelves or cabinets of some kind. I got these {awesomeness!}, they've got 2 huge drawers on the bottom and 3 way nice shelves! ♥ I put some little plastic handeled baskets on the shelves. When I go downstairs and craft something, I put everything I need in a basket and take only a basket with me.

Believe it or not, my craft room used to be way WAY messier. At least now, I know everything has a shelf. I don't just randomly put it someplace. I have an entire laundry basket for yarn, kitting needles and crochet hooks. A binder for patterns is coming, I just need to go to DI and get one. I have a laundry basket for my plastic bags... I have TONS of bags! My paper is semi-organized in some file folders my mom sent me. I still have a laptop box filled with paper kicking around. I have my vinyl on the shelf in a closet so it doesn't bend. I have a box of frames in the other closet. My computer table looks like a paper store threw up on it. {That's why there's no picture!}

Little by little my area is getting organized. My problem is this : I have TONS of stuff, and little containers aren't enough for everything. It's a pain, but I can complete most crafts and ideas without even going to the store.

One thing you probably didn't know : I do not own an ironing board.

Love to those who can multitask {even if something else is doing ALL the work!} ;) ♥

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