Monday, January 16, 2012

Challenge accepted

So this past week for my 52 week challenge, it was Clean out your cupboards!

I rocked it. Well, really, I started on Saturday, and kinda finished today, but I still rocked it.

Shark built me a pot rack! Which I have pretty much always wanted in this house. {I found some random shelves at IKEA, in their AS-IS section, for $2, and bought them. I decided I wanted to make a pot-rack out of them when I saw pot-racks cost like $70.}

I organized my tupperware cupboard. And got rid of bottoms without tops and all the lids that didn't have a bottom.{I even re-used some of the bottoms to organize my other cupboards!}

I have a "mix" cupboard that drink mixes, pudding mixes and taco mix goes in. I re-used some tupperware to organize it.

I have LOTS of bakeware, and muffin tins and pie tins and stuff like that. I moved the tupperware to it's cupboard and put the cookie cutters on top of my shelves in my pantry.

We got tons of formula for Christmas, so I have been shoving it in the cupboard above the stove with my Bosch. I moved my Bosch to the shelves in my pantry, and dubbed the cupboard above the sink, Baby Cupboard.

I feel like I got loads accomplished this week, and it feels really good to open my drawers and cupboards and find what I'm looking for rather than digging around.

Here's a video of the little man smiling and talking to me at 7 this morning. {He slept for 7 hours last night! Which is freaking awesome!!} Sorry the picture is kind of terrible, my camera has been dropped a few times, and again, it was 7am...


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