Thursday, January 12, 2012

two months and what not

So Danger is now 2 months old. He weighed in at 11 lbs 1.5 oz, and is 23 inches long. We actually decided to start a "height wall" thing, and drew a line where we stood him up. :)

Also, things have been crazy around the house. Along with his 2 month appointment and being just awesome, they gave him his shots. He hated them. The dr's gave him Tylenol at the hospital, so he didn't cry too much, and when we got home, he ate and then went to sleep. He slept for a long time! And when he woke up, boy, was he mad! So, I ran out and got some infant tylenol. He calmed down after a bit, and finally went back to sleep.

I haven't done my 52 week challenge for this week.... Yeah I'm totally a bum. I have at least 3 baskets of laundry folded but just hanging out in my living room. I started 2 projects yesterday. I finished 1 : a little case for my Kindle. It's not pretty. Not at all. So I'm not even going to show you how it looks. Trust me. And then I started making a big swaddle blanket for someone. I make the blanket with 2 pieces of flannel sewn together...If I have time, maybe I'll crochet around the edge, but seriously, I feel like I don't have time. {I started making dinner at 4 today, I filled up my water cup and realized, Oh I have to pee....But I can't with food on the stove. The next time I realized I had to pee was 6:30! Who forgets they have to pee?! SERIOUSLY!}

Here's tomorrow's plan :

1. Get folded laundry put away!
2. At least finish sewing blanket, so crocheting can start anytime I feel like it.
3. Put sewing machine AWAY!
4. Clean out at least 2 cupboards and 2 drawers. {tupperware and bakeware, measuring cups.}
5. Pay some bills.

Those are all pretty easy. Not hard at all.

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