Friday, February 10, 2012

10 on 10 February

Today is Feb 10th, and that means, 10 on 10! I'm pretty excited that I actually remembered before the day was done.

I opened a new can of formula to have it explode on me.
I ordered a whole bunch of books online for really cheap! They cam today, and I love mail!
Little Man has discovered how to grab things. He has been grabbing his play gym, and when he grabs the center ring, music plays! It's so fun to be in the kitchen, and suddenly hear his music start playing!
I made dinner today to Shark and I, this is his lunch all packed for work. :)
Danger was moving the blanket over his eyes. Not sure if it was intentional (probably not) but it was still cute!
I've started crocheting a monkey for Danger, I found an amigarumi pattern on We'll see how this turns out.
He smiles the biggest when I sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
We all took naps today, mom, dad, baby, and dog!
My neice's birthday party is this weekend, and I wrapped up her gift today!
And then, it was bath time, hopefully to calm him down.

I'm linking up to a bit of sunshine!
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Danger is now done with his 1st quarter!!

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Miss G

what a great idea to tie stickers onto the package! Your little guy is sure a cutie! Kelly

AP Mommy

Such a cutie you have! No good on that exploding formula! I'm not sure what is more frustrating the mess or that you lost x-bottles worth of liquid-cash. :(