Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hair tie lollipops

Earlier this week, I was shopping around at Michael's. I was wandering, and in the baby shower section, they had these Hair Tie Lolli-pops.

Well, I have a few friends who are pregnant with girls, and while I thought these were cute, I really didn't want to pay $4 a pop! So I figured I could make them!
 I bought (2) packs of 100 hair ties each, at Dollar Tree.
 I know I could have made 1 with the pastels and 1 with the brights, but I wanted to have a mix in each lolli-pop. So I divided each 100 pack into 2 groups. There were 5 glittery hairties of each color and 5 solid of each color, so I went 2 solid and 3 glittery then 3 solid and 2 glittery.
 Then I started wrapping the hair ties around the sucker stick. I was extra careful not to PULL too tight on the hair ties, we all know if you pull too tight, the elastic breaks.
 When I felt my lolli-pop was big enough, I wrapped it in cellophane and tied it with ribbon!
At first I thought I would get 1 lolli-pop out of 1 pack of 100, but I ended up getting 2 lolli-pops out of each 100 pack! Sweet deal!!!

And so darn cute for gifts for little girls!!

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