Friday, February 24, 2012

suffering and crafts

So I've been missing for about a week. Shark has been sick. So work on top of school on top of sick means no ones been doing really anything but sleeping, eating and coughing.

Cuz oh yeah, I'm sick.

Yeah 3 days ago it was just a sore throat, but now its a full blown cough. Ugh.

Danger has a touch of the cough too. Humidifiers and vapor rub all around. Our house smells like a mix of Halls cough drops and eucalyptus. {spelled that one right on the 1st try!}

I'm going in today to InstaCare, to see if there's something they can give me, or hopefully to catch this before it becomes pneumonia. {spelled THAT one 1st try too!}

This weekend my sister in law and I got CostCo memberships. I love it. We might always have king size jumbo food service size containers at our house. Hmmmm we might need another fridge.

Also, my brain function hasn't returned to normal. I'm forgetting things and not remembering things off the top of my head like I used to. And it bothers me. I hate not being able to remember little things, like where something is, or all the places I need to go. Argh!!

I really wish I could watch Rachel v Guy Celebrity Cookoff. I'm watching little clips on Swagbucks TV, and I love it. Hurry Netflix, add the Food Network! Please!

My love affair with American Idol has ended. No more running around trying to spend a few minutes with it. I was only watching cuz Scott Dangerfield made it to Hollywood week again. And he made it to the Top 40, but didn't make it to the Top 24. Which I'm bummed, I think they let some people thru who shouldn't have made it. And they hardly showed him at all. Every episode, I was squinting my eyes trying to catch a glimpse of him. Hardly a glimpse at all, ever! Oh well. At least now my Wed & Thru nights are free for baseball, come April!

So our mailman is seriously afraid of our dog. Well, not just our dog, but all dogs in general. I feel bad, cuz Bandit is a scary looking dog {let's face it, if that big furry face is charging at me, yeah I'm a little freaked out.} but he is really just excited to see everything. So he runs fast, at everything. He scares kids sometimes. But he really is a sweet dog, and wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone. Oh well, I know Bandit is a good dog, but I also know he sounds scary when he barks.

I've done something crafty!! I made pacifier clips. Yeah sure you can buy them, but they are so stinking expensive. I took a piece of ribbon {I like grosgrain ribbon best, satin is fine, but hard for me to sew, satin ribbon might like you better, it doesn't like me too much...}, some elastic cord, and a suspender clip. I like the elastic cord cuz I can keep track of Danger's Soothie binky and all his other ones too!

So easy and so cute.

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