Friday, May 4, 2012

workin it

So, I've come to realize, I'm really not as lazy as I think I am. Some days I am. Most days I'm not. Most days I'm out and about town running around. Going shopping, making calls, finding things about. Searching for things. Cooking things, making things. Fighting that monster baby. And lately I have been working. Ok, so I scorekeep 2 maybe 3 night a week. Tuesday, Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays. It's great cuz Shark works Thursdays and everyother Saturday he's just sleeping anyways, so it just means I get out of the house without spending money! yayayay!

Anyways, in my last post about being a couch 'tater, I mentioned that I was planning on getting things done around the house. Well, I did end up folding all the laundry in the picture and I did put away the Easter stuff. However, I have since washed and dried more laundry and, I'll tell ya, for a while it sat in my living room, unfolded, just scuzzing me. Well I finally folded it Monday night. I had motivation! I had a mini craft/ladies night with some girls in my ward!

Now I say mini cuz I didn't get the word out to all the gals. But it was way fun! We crocheted, lots of crocheting! I was helping some girls to learn how to crochet, and my neighbor Megan was helping girls learn too. It was lots of fun. We're having another little get together next week too. Hopefully I won't be such a sloth and I'll tell all the girls. Eventually I'd like to have it on a Saturday evening or something, cuz our ward does EVERYTHING on Wednesday.

In prep for the craft night, I tried many times to clean my house. I really did. Yesterday I even planned my errands accordinly. I ran all over this county and the next. I did make a trip up to the BDO Outlet to snag some Lofthouse cookies on the cheap. {If you live in Northern Utah, that is the place to get cheap cookies!!} They had so much other stuff there too! I was amazed! Anyways, so I scored 2 big huge trays of Lofthouse cookie amazingness for $6, some Corn Pops, and some Dew. {Oh how I have missed the Dew!!} It was a pretty awesome trip. I have fallen in love with bakery outlets. Enroute, I saw the Hostess bakery outlet and stopped by and got some Cupcakes on the cheap too. {Shark and I have a cute tradition. He bought some on one of our month-iversary's while we were dating, and even though we've missed a few months, we still try to eat cupcakes together sometime during the month, around the 19th.} And as always, I love being close to the Sara Lee bakery outlet, cuz I can get my Grandma Sycamore's for $1. Best. Bread. Ever.

Anyways I came home and the house was clean. Shark cleaned the whole house for me. Swept the kitchen, vacuumed, picked up everything. I love him so much. I loved his so much even before he cleaned the whole house, but it really means alot to me that he picked up everything. He is an amazing husband who does so much for me and our little family.

Smile thru everything. :)

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