Sunday, July 22, 2012

Danger update

So - Danger is now 8 months old! Holy crap, it's gone by SOOOO fast! He's crawling, he has 2 teeth on bottom and is getting his top 2 teeth (YES RIGHT THIS SECOND!!), he stand up on anything that can hold his weight (and some things that cannot!), he sleeps thru the night, he spits raspberries and makes fart noises, he says "bab bab bab," and he can hold his bottle up by himself. He can clap his hands when he wants to, but not on command. He raises his hands when we say, "So big!" He loves baths and having photos taken. He gets excited when he sees us and when we have his blanket. He loves doing things by himself, like eating and getting into things, pulling things down and seeing how far he can get before he gets picked up or hauled away. He watches Sesame Street, he loves Elmo's World, he zones into that, and Super Why.

 Ta da! 8 Months and he's huge!!! (yes that is the same laundry basket)

I traced his hand at 4 months and again at 8 months. His hand has doubled in size (well, so has the rest of him!) but he's getting so big! I plan on doing again at 12 months, and then maybe at each 6th month interval, but we'll see how big his hands grow and how well I do to remember.

Right now, he's super cranky cuz he's getting his top 2 teeth at the SAME time! He wasn't too cranky with the 1st 2, but this time, oh boy, he is on one!

Oh, I am going to try to blog each weekend.

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