Saturday, July 21, 2012


 Korbin is ready to go!
Packed and ready!
Pancake stickers on the car!
 Rexburd Temple!

 Bismarck, ND Temple
 Bismarck, ND Temple
 Eating lunch in Rexburg with the Lehmans!
 Bandit snoozing

 Elk across the river! Yellowstone.

 Mountain goat. (it's very rare to see them!)
 Billings, MT Temple

Good ol' North Dakota
Weird ol' North Dakota


driving up thru ID

  Bluegill out of dad's pond.
Bandit getting comfy.

Ok, all photos of animals were taken in Yellowstone. All unmarked photos were also taken in Yellowstone. My camera died the night between MT and ND, so some were taken with phones... That's why there aren't as many pics as I thought...

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