Saturday, July 21, 2012

why hello there

Ok, so lately, things have been crazy. Not really crazy like I'm all over the place but more like going at a steady pace and lately it feels like I'm all over the place

I've started watching a nghbor girl, which is pretty fun, cuz her and Danger interact with each other so cute. I'm pretty sure most babies Danger's age would scream and cry if you took something away from him, but he just sits there like, Oh well, I wasn't really enjoying it anyways. He's pretty cute for a little guy. It's fun to see her reaction to him. Like when he takes her toys, or crawls over her toes. Plus the babysiting means a little extra income that helps us with groceries and things.

(My sister-in-law Heather, invited me over to make capes, and I made Danger's cape with her, and then I made one for the neighbor girl A. They love watching Super Why! and now they really can be super-readers!)

I am still scorekeeping at the city, and he's been pretty good so far. Yeah he crawls but he never goes very far. I'm not sure if just doesn't want to, or what. But he stays pretty close to my booth. Oh and he helps me keep the books.

So, Danger has been moving and shaking. He is ALL over the place.
(and he is apparently a wrestler, just like his dad!)

 He's crawling like a madman (who leg has fallen asleep and just drags behind him.) and he's started pulling himself up to stand on things. Yup. He's already there. He's fallen a few times but we're playing it down.

When he falls, we say BONK, and he usually smiles (sometimes after a while...). I've been playing a game with him, when he's standing on my lap and I'm holding his hands, I lightly bonk heads with him and go BONK. He giggles at that. So yeah, we're working on that.

I understand he watches everything I do. He sees me crawl around picking up toys, and he'll crawl around and push toys around. So I figure, we might as well get him in some good habits, right? Well, I bought a little pack of tooth brushes for him. When I hand it to him, I show him mine and tell him "We're going to brush our teeth now!" ((I understand he's 8 months old and probably has NO clue what I'm saying or what brushing or teeth mean, but he's doing what he sees mommy do.))

I've been trying to keep him from sucking his thumb... cuz I can take away a pacifier, but I cannot take away his thumb. The little guy sure is clever. He found a way around my "rule of thumb."

You know how if you plan to do something every day/week/month and if you forget just ONE time it kinda goes ka-put? Yeah, well, that's how it's been with the monthly photo in the laundry basket. I do have a reason why I missed his 6th month : that was the day we were leaving for Wisconsin. Yeah I know I should/coulda taken the pic the day before.... however, I did not. I am planning on taking the picture today and then I'll probably end up posting it within the next 6 months. :)

When I take pictures with my phone, the flash goes on before and stays on while the picture is being taken. When Danger sees it, he instantly turns to cheese. It's pretty cute.

So, ever since he was teeny, his hands have never been helpful. When feeding him, his hands would LOOK like they wanted to help and hold the bottle, but they would just end up pushing the bottle away and knocking it to the ground. Just recently, I've been letting/making him hold his own bottle. (Except when we are ready for bed, then I hold it, cuz his arms are tied up in the burrito.) Sometimes his hands, still aren't helpful!

So yeah, that's been our life for the last little bit here. It really has been a lot of fun watching him learn new things. Yesterday we met a horse, and he could not/would not take his off of it. He stared at the horse the whole time we were there. He's so interested in the world and everything around him. And he is so intent on things. If he sees something he wants, he just goes for it, crawls over laundry, dogs, boxes just to get it. I love this little guy!

Love to you all!

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