Wednesday, March 20, 2013

mo money...

So this whole "NO SPEND MONTH" thing was another epic fail....

Yeah - we had to pay for tuition and new tires....

and you know, those 4 seasons of Survivor....


Although, we did get the warranties taken off the Durango... Like the warranties that aren't doing a darn thing for us.

Like the Interior/Exterior warranty : if the Interior gets dirty, they will clean it and if they can't clean it, they'll replace the upholstery. They will repair any exterior damage that doesn't need paint, but not tail lights or panels.... Screw that!

And the Gap Coverage : If we were to get in a crash they would pay the difference from the insurance company.

So that was like $1300 back onto the loan! Woo-hoo!

And today I called my internet company, who I have been a customer with for over 5 years, and asked about a customer loyalty promotion. I got a 50% discount on my internet for the next 12 months!!

I'm so happy and excited I could freaking cry!

These are FINALLY steps in the right direction. I'm so happy.

Yeah so we failed this month. But we're working thru it, and taking steps to becoming debt free.

I've started babysitting again, so that income is coming back in. We've got some plans, and now it's just a matter of setting them in motion.

We did just get a new credit card tho. We tried to refinance to see if we could get a lower rate, and we couldn't. My credit is too low and terrible. For a while, about 6 years ago, I didn't give a crap about what money I was spending, or when they wanted it back... So I have some delinquencies on my credit, but I also do not have enough revolving credit.

So we got another credit card to put gas on. It'll help maintain our budget: I already have the gas budgeted out, but we don't spend that much on gas, ever, so we end up using the "extra" money on other things - like take out or Slurpees.

So the credit card will help me gain responsible revolving credit, while helping us get our budget ironed out (find out exactly how MUCH we're spending on gas).

So here goes! We've got some good plans. :)

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