Thursday, March 14, 2013

this is it

So I have been blog hopping quite a bit. Reading around. Browsing.

I enjoy reading other people's adventures. I enjoy finding ideas for my own adventures.

One thing I've noticed in reading completely random blogs (found on link parties and Pinterest) is there's a lot of happy. I've found a few blogs out there that show everything in their lives.

Now, I understand, these are blogs, not our life. And some things in our lives we want to keep private. I'm not saying I want our blogs to become our Facebook - oversharing from the toilet, and political stances.

My life isn't always pretty, and it's usually messy, and we have struggles. I'd like to think I'm pretty honest on here.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are somethings in our life that are private and should remain as such. You know, until I totally blab these secrets all over... or until I'm comfortable enough sharing the details.

Cuz you all know it's going to be ME who blabs everything. Shark very rarely gets to share any news because I've most likely spread it around... I'm not known for my patience....

Anyways - we have had our share of struggles and trials. It always seems like it's something with my heart... For a while there, my funny-beating heart was the cause of all our struggles.

So I guess what I'm saying is : I'm going to try to show all of it. Not just the pretty side of our life. Not just the smiles, but the tears too.

Also I want to go on more adventures. I want to hang out with Danger more. I want to go play more.

I feel like I've been so distracted and lazy... If those 2 things can happen at the same time... I feel like all Danger and I have done is watch The Incredibles. We have gone out and about, but not very much.

It just recently started getting warm, so I'm planning on going outside with him more. Going for walks. Going to the park. I'm excited to get started on it. And to break in that new wagon Danger got for Christmas.

So we'll see. I'll try to keep it real and honest... :)

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