Sunday, November 10, 2013

A little excitement

Ok, so while I was back in Wisconsin, my heart went into flutter. It went crazy. I thought it had gotten out of the flutter tho, so I didn't really think anything of it. I had a cardio appointment scheduled for the Thursday we got back to Utah, so I didn't see it as an emergency. Well, when I went in for my cardio appointment, I was still in flutter. To get me out of the atrial flutter, the doctor's needed to do another cardioversion. I had 2 of these done while I was pregnant with Danger, so this isn't anything new for me. It had been 6 days since I went into atrial flutter, so the doctor's were concerned with blood clots. So, they needed to do another trans-esophageal echo (they take an echo of my heart by going down thru my throat), it's not really a pleasant thing, but this time, I was completely under anesthesia. So that was awesome. But along with everything this time, the doctors were more concerned for baby, so they did fetal monitoring and extra precautions. Also, rather than just shock me with the big metal pads, they decided to try to use the defibrillator function on my pacemaker. It worked. So, even though they put the big metal sticky pads on me, they didn't end up using them. The pacemaker did what it was supposed to, and they finally turned the defibrillator function on! So hopefully, it won't happen again, but if it does, my pacemaker will just kick my heart out of it! But since I needed to be shocked out of the atrial flutter, I am now back on the Lovenox shots. They are very painful shots I need to give myself twice a day. It wouldn't be so bad if the shot site didn't bleed and bruise instantly. But, it's not too bad, considering I get a child out of this whole ordeal. :)
 The shots. One more good thing: they are WAY cheaper than they were when I was pregnant with Danger. 

Saturday was Danger's birthday! My little guy turned 2!! Oh my goodness!! He is getting so big!

 He loved blowing out his candles!

He then gotta hand with uncle Kurt, who taught him to drink soda out of bottle. He loves being a big boy!

Oh Danger, you have blessed our lives so much, we are so grateful for you and love you so! We love you so much and thank Heavenly Father every day for blessing us with you! You are an amazing and wonderful boy! You are so curious and so smart. You enrich my life immensely. You make me laugh and remind me to take it slow and just have fun! Thank you!! You will be a wonderful big brother and you will teach your siblings everything you know! I look forward to see you play with them!! You are growing so fast, some days I wish I could slow you down, but then I would miss watching you learn and discover!!

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