Sunday, November 10, 2013

To Wisco

So Danger and I flew to Wisconsin for my sister's wedding reception.
 We got to the airport, picked a seat by the windows to watch the planes come and go. He turned to me and said, "Mom, please, please, please, please!" Oh how I wish I could give that boy an airplane. But we got to ride in one, so that's pretty cool!
 I brought a neck pillow, hoping he could fall asleep and be comfy, he put it on and snuggled up to the window. He didn't fall asleep with it, but he looked like a very small but very experienced traveler.

 He looked out with window every chance he got. He looked at the planes as they were leaving, he looked at the trucks and the people. He watched as our plane moved and took off and landed. He giggled and clapped as the plane took off and landed. He loved every second of it. 

 I gave him his binky and I brought suckers and lifesavers for him to suck on to help his ears pop. He struggled with it at first, but I think he got used to it after a while. I think he figured out how to get his ears back to normal.
 We went on 2 planes to get there. The 2nd plane, we whipped out the DVD player, The Incredibles is his catnip and he zones into it. He eventually fell asleep.

 When he sleeps, he gets a sweaty head, just like his dad. It's cute and funny. I love my boys.

 When we landed in Milwaukee, momma was NOT going to chase him around an airport AND carry 2 bags and a carseat. So I rented a cart and loaded it up and put him on top. 
 Like a boss.

 His pants kept falling down, and we kept asking him to pull them up. This was his solutions to us nagging him.
 My mom has had these Marble Works for as long as I can remember, it was so fun to pull them out and play with them. It was great to have all of us play with them again.

 Gwen and I went to the Dollar Tree and we got Danger a shield and gauntlets. He was cute when he finally wanted to wear them.

 Danger and aunt Gwen, just cuddling!
 Danger and great uncle Clark.

 Catching some big air on the trampoline.

 Walking out to the pond!
 Danger and Great Grandpa Doyle!

 Danger and grandpa playing with the door.

 Danger and aunt Megan.
 Grandma and Grandpa gave Danger an Ironman toy for his birthday, he LOVED it!

 Danger smiling with a banana in his mouth!

 Danger coloring with aunt Gwen!
 As we decorated for the reception, Danger watched a movie.
 Danger and grandpa just hanging out at the reception.
 Danger and the bride, Alexa!!
 Danger didn't get a nap that day, but 5 minutes in grandma's arms and he was out!
 Eating breakfast!
 Danger and uncle Scott!
 Eating ice cream at the airport. Who is that handsome guy?!
 Waiting at the gate!
 Just hanging out, watching planes take off.
 Last flight of the night, he was out! So tired, so cute and he flew on the plane SOOO well!
We had so much fun!

 We had so much fun in Wisconsin! We cannot wait to come back for Christmas!! 

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I still can't really believe Alexa is old enough to be married! In my head she may always be in first grade.