Sunday, November 2, 2014

Best laid plans

You know when you make plans, and they seem totally logical. Yeah, this is totally gonna work, there's no way it can't because it JUST MAKES SENSE?!

(Often times he's so swsweet and cute. Like this, I always take my shoes off by the door, and Danger took his shoes off by mommas.)

That's how potty training has been. It seems like he gets it. It really really does. 

And then I'll get an idea that is totally guaranteed to work. Like making him go naked so he doesn't poop his pants. (Cuz his underwear is what's making him poop and pee his pants, cuz it's tricking him into thinking it's a diaper.) Right? 

Um, nope.

Apparently, my child does whatever, whenever, wherever.  So freaking stubborn. 
Both of my children are completely stubborn and have very strong personalities. They are also very strong. Like very strong. And not bendy, not flexible in the least. 

The Colonel is even less flexible and bendy than Danger was! I know my boys are strong and are completely different than any other children I ever pick up. 

The look on people's faces when they hold my boys is priceless. It makes me smile. 
The Colonel has been a little baby motor machine. Motoring ALL around the living room. But lately, he's been like a ghost from Mario, he only moves when no one is looking. He's getting braver and moving all the time. 
He got an ear infection. This is his sad, I'm sick face. 
Danger came with, and because he's coughing and it's bad, we put a mask on him. He hated at first but then liked it. He even fell asleep with it on, in the car. 
And because this momma is so silly, when she changes baby's bum, she tosses their pants on their head. I did it to Danger, and I do it to The Colonel. Both of them giggled. The Colonel LOVES it. This time, I put his pants actually on his head rather than just on his face. 
Danger got a marker and did this to my height ruler. I tried getting it off, the paint came off first. (sigh) I'm sad about it. I will probably end up making another one. We'll see. 

Sometimes we just have to realize it's not our plans that matter. 

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